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“Mr. Sapone is the best lawyer for anyone who needs a professional. Trust him and his great experience. This is a master class of professionalism. Thanks Edward.”


“Both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, Bill Petrillo tried many cases in front of me in Nassau County Court. He won just about every one of those trials. When an attorney constantly wins trials it means that jurors respect him. When jurors respect an attorney they will listen to him, will follow his line of reasoning and give serious consideration to his various arguments. To get jurors to that point the attorney must project honesty, must balance fairness with understanding for all involved, have an absolute knowledge of the facts of the case and the applicable law, and he must be able to create an atmosphere of mutual respect with the judge. Bill Petrillo possesses all of these qualities.”


“Ed Sapone is an ethical, conscientious, caring human being who applies these qualities to his practice of law. He is an expert in his field with a heart. He patiently answers any question and is available to lend a sympathetic ear. I am very grateful to have had them help my family and me through the most difficult ordeal of my life. I was charged with illegally prescribing narcotics. The process lasted over three years with much anxiety. Jail time (36 months and possibly more) seemed to be inevitable based on the sentencing guidelines. The judge had a reputation for being very strict. Due to his consummate legal skills, my sentence was reduced to 3 years probation. I recommend Ed Sapone wholeheartedly and without reservation. He saved my life.”


“As a prosecuting attorney for almost 30 years, I have observed many trial lawyers. Of the few that I judged to be excellent, only one was uniquely skilled in all of the qualities that contribute to tremendous success in the courtroom. His name is Bill Petrillo. A brilliant strategist who leaves no stone unturned, Bill has a rare natural gift for trying cases. He is a passionate lawyer and has won cases that were considered unwinnable.”


“Not only is Ed Sapone a great attorney, he is also a generous humanitarian and a beautiful human being.”


“About a year and a half ago I ran into some legal trouble and needed legal representation. My wife’s cousin is a corporate lawyer and she referred us to William Petrillo. Having never been on the wrong side of the law, I didn’t know what to expect. I also didn’t know if this would affect my employment status. I had a laundry list of concerns and questions. After my first consultation with Bill, he immediately struck me as personable, professional, confident and honest. He told me what all of my options were and also gave me his personal opinion. My best interest was always his primary concern. He always reiterated that no matter what legal avenue I chose to go down, he was in my corner 100%. I felt extremely confident that I had the chosen the right guy. And I definitely did. From the first court appearance right up to my last, Bill and his associate, Karen Bobley, always put their best foot forward. They never wanted to settle for anything less than what I had hoped for. At the end of my court proceedings, I did get the outcome I was looking for and my friends and co-workers could not believe that it was possible under the circumstances. I owe it all to Bill and his team. Whenever I needed legal documentation for work or other purposes, Jennifer, Bill’s office manager, was always on top of things. Jennifer would call me the day before any court appearances as a reminder and also give me the heads up on what would happen at that appearance. Whenever I had questions, Jennifer usually had an answer and if she didn’t, Bill would personally return my call by the end of the day. Words do not truly describe the high level of service I received. Bill and company made a very stressful situation very manageable and I am forever grateful. Not only is Bill a great lawyer, but he’s a wonderful person. And that’s what separates him from the rest. So, if you ever find yourself in a legal bind, don’t take chances or try to cut corners. Protect yourself and go with one of the best, William Petrillo.”


“Edward V. Sapone is pound for pound one of the best criminal attorneys in this country. He is a zealous and tireless advocate for his clients. I personally witnessed on more than one occasion Mr. Sapone extract the innocent out of criminal and civil matters, not of their making. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants the ultimate defender in his or her corner.”


“As District Attorney of Nassau County for 31 years and a former federal prosecutor, I have encountered some of the best criminal defense attorneys in New York State. The hallmark of a truly phenomenal criminal lawyer is the ability to be both a great trial lawyer and a strong negotiator, while maintaining credibility at all times. William Petrillo possesses these skills. He has earned a stellar reputation within the legal community as an outstanding, gifted trial attorney. Always a gentleman, honest and ethical, Mr. Petrillo is a fierce, persuasive litigator and a tough, fair negotiator. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal lawyer.”


“I awoke at dawn in August of 2013 to three loud bangs on my front door followed by, “This is the FBI, come out with your hands up!” So began the worst day of my life. Having twenty FBI Agents and U.S. Marshalls surrounding my home with guns drawn told me something very serious was happening. I would soon learn that I was being arrested, named in a $140 million securities fraud indictment. Thank God I would soon meet Edward Sapone. Mr. Sapone clearly knew all the legal nuances and U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. Even though the Government had all of the leverage, Mr. Sapone used his many years of experience and cutting edge team of lawyers and paralegals, composing a formidable team, ultimately keeping me from having to go to trial, facing the horrible possibility of 30 years imprisonment. Initially, the Government offered me a plea deal with a range of seven to nine years imprisonment. Mr. Sapone diligently negotiated the plea down to a range of zero to five years with a five year cap. As good as everything was falling into place for me, the best was yet to come. Given the hundreds of hours of work done by Mr. Sapone on my sentencing memo, he convinced the judge to use a downward variance where I received only five years’ probation. Mr. Sapone had prevented me from going to prison and enabled me to get my life back so that I can continue to take care of my family. Mr. Sapone has great patience, never talked about money and above all is a gentleman, whom I consider a close friend. I highly recommend Mr. Sapone to anyone needing a lawyer they can count on, as I do even though he is 3,000 miles away!”


“If I or a loved one ever need the services of a criminal defense attorney, Bill Petrillo is the one I would count on for representation. No higher praise can be given to a fellow lawyer. Mr. Petrillo not only possesses excellent trial skills, but is also skillful at negotiating favorable dispositions for his clients. He treats everyone he encounters with respect and has earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and law enforcement personnel. He is passionately devoted to his clients and constantly thinking of ways to benefit them. Finally, he is scrupulously honest and ethical while fighting tirelessly for the people he represents.”


“When I met Edward Sapone my husband had just been arrested. I didn’t know who to turn to or what to do. I walked into court for my husband’s arraignment and Ed was there, sent by a mutual friend. He introduced himself and we made plans to meet at his office the next day to discuss our options. I was scared and did not have much money for my husband’s defense. From the minute I met Ed I felt comfortable and trusted him and his colleagues Chase and Delia. They were genuinely concerned, sincere and wanted to help. He worked out a way for us to afford him while doing everything he could to fight for my husband to get the best possible outcome. My husband was facing 20 years to life. Ed is extremely knowledgeable of the law. If he tells you he is going to do something he absolutely does, he is a man of his word. The eventual outcome was 57 months. Ed fought for my husband to be eligible for the RDAP drug program and halfway house. After serving 3 years my husband was home with us. Unfortunately after being home a little less than 2 months my husband was falsely violated by the halfway house and returned to prison. I immediately called Ed Sapone. No questions asked he wanted to help. Without taking a penny he and Chase (from his office) wrote an argument based on the facts on my husband’s behalf and referred us to a BOP lawyer who could help. We are still in the process of fighting this charge, but I am reassured and comforted knowing every step of the way we have Ed in our corner willing to return every phone call and answer every question. Doing all he can to help. Ed is not just our lawyer he has become a valued friend. In a world where most people are all about money it’s nice to know that there are still some lawyers like Ed that truly want to help people and have you and your family’s best interest at heart. If you need someone to fight for you, you won’t find a better lawyer than Ed Sapone.”


“Mr. Petrillo is a miracle worker. When faced with a situation that others told me was all but impossible to be resolved in a tolerable manner, Mr. Petrillo did the impossible. Throughout the whole process he was knowledgeable, honest, available and incredibly professional. Having first gone to other highly recommended lawyers, I was able to get a sense of different types of attorneys. Not only was the outcome something that the other attorneys couldn’t dream of, but Mr. Petrillo’s personality and general demeanor was miles beyond the others. In an incredibly trying time he was calming. But while he was pleasant to deal with personally, he also is incredibly fierce in the courtroom. You get the sense that what he does is not just his job, but his passion. There is nobody I would trust more.”


“I was put in touch with Ed Sapone through my father in law, also an attorney, after an unfortunate series of circumstances led to my arrest. It was never a situation I thought I would find myself in in my entire life, but Ed and everyone at his office was approachable, understanding and available throughout the process of dealing with the NYC court system and everything that came after. I truly felt like I was in good hands with people who not only understood, but cared. Ed is sincere, diligent and passionate about what he does. I hope to never find myself or anyone I love in another criminal situation again, but if that does become the case, I know exactly who to call.”


“Bill Petrillo is a giant in the criminal defense community. Time and again I have observed him fearlessly battle the government, negotiate extraordinary plea deals and obtain the dismissal of indictments or acquittals after trial. He regards his clients as family and tries to protect them accordingly.”


“I have been a healthcare professional for almost a decade now. Approximately a year ago, federal charges were being faced against me potentially crippling my career. After the initial contact with Mr. Sapone, he easily distinguished himself from the previous lawyers I spoke with. He was very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Along with his strong staff (Chase and Delia), I was informed throughout the process. I always was able to contact someone in a short time which is a huge relief when dealing with these situations. Sitting in court at sentencing, I was sure the outcome would not be in my favor. The judge was adamant with his feelings and strongly expressed it and opposed Mr. Sapone’s argument. Somehow, after being backed in a corner, Ed stood his ground and continued to passionately, deliver his argument. I truly do not feel I would have received the same outcome if I didn’t have Mr. Sapone. I received the best outcome possible. I was not incarcerated and I am actively continuing my career.”


“As a judge, I presided over felony cases for ten years. Bill Petrillo appeared before me on many occasions. He is as tenacious and talented an attorney as I ever encountered. Bill is an extraordinary advocate and I would strongly recommend him.”


“Bill Petrillo is a relentless super-talent with incredible drive, focus and work ethic. He has a razor sharp mind and is lightning quick on his feet. Bill is as powerful, energetic and persuasive in the courtroom as any lawyer I have ever seen.”


“Mr. Sapone is the consummate professional whose heartfelt approach is sensed the moment you speak with him. He helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life with such kindness and consideration. His vast knowledge of the law and our legal system has surpassed many of the professionals I’ve dealt with. He guided me through step by step as if I were a member of his family. This was an organized crime case with complex twists and turns, but he handled every movement deliberately and with such precision. I was amazed at his skill set and the dedication of his staff. I would highly recommend Mr. Sapone and can truly call him a friend for life.”


“My life has taking a drastic change. Feel like I’m living a dream. I’ve been looking for a lawyer to handle a federal case and I’ve called several. They sounded unsure and very hesitant when speaking to them, but when I spoke to Mr. Sapone, his knowledge of the law blew me away. He knew it like the back of his hand. I have not had the pleasure to work with Mr. Sapone yet, but he took the time to answer any questions I had and even offered to lower his cost for me. He was very patient with me and even called to check up on me and my spouse which indicated that he sincerely cares about what we are going through. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer. Especially reading and reviewing his previous cases and the outcomes of those cases. I understand every situation is different, but reading his reviews and seeing some of his past cases and his knowledge of the law, I feel confident that he can give my family hope and our lives back.”


“I was under state and federal investigation for multiple potential charges in a yearlong investigation. The first lawyer I consulted with suggested we go to the US Attorney’s office, cooperate and agree to a quick plea, despite my telling him I had done nothing wrong. Shortly after that consultation I was given Mr. Petrillo’s name from a friend who knew a criminal court Judge. It became obvious to me during my first meeting with Bill that his level of knowledge and expertise was far superior than my original lawyer. He had a completely different analysis of my case and the best course of action to take. Ten months later, without me ever speaking to law enforcement, eleven people were arrested. I was never prosecuted and will be forever grateful to William Petrillo.”


“Edward took me on as a client in a moment’s notice. He was there for me when I needed him. My case was very complex and Edward took more than enough time with me getting to know the case and myself. Hindsight, it was more time than I thought then. Unfortunately when you go through a criminal case, your emotions take over and you waste time talking about everything. Yes, I wasted his time. But he NEVER made me feel like that. I truly appreciate him talking me off the ledge so to speak many, many times. Edward is a very smart, trustworthy and knowledgeable man. He is very articulate, well thought out, and experienced. I truly am thankful for everything he did to help me.”


“Not only are you [Bill Petrillo] a phenomenal and brilliant lawyer, you are an amazing human being and we are grateful to know you on any level. Thank you for everything.”


“I hired Edward to help and guide me though the criminal justice system as a victim of a crime. Ed was referred to me via another attorney due to his outstanding reputation in the field of criminal law. I could not have been more impressed with his zealous advocacy, honesty, and general assistance through what was one of the hardest experiences I have had in my life to date. Ed carefully and thoughtfully explained the judicial system to me and was my advocate through and through. I don’t think I could have faced our labyrinthine system without him. While I hope no one ever has to go through what I did, please know that Ed is the attorney of choice if you ever find yourself a victim of crime in need of truly effective counsel and guidance.”


“I am a licensed healthcare professional that was named in complex civil RICO case. I simply could not afford adequate counsel let alone pay any damages the insurance company was seeking. I was truly screwed! I was referred to Mr. Sapone by a close friend. After speaking with Mr. Sapone he assured me that I had nothing to worry about and that he would take my case. Not only did he take my case but he cut his fees considerably and told me to pay as I could. I have never seen this type of generosity before! He was in the midst of other complex cases that required most of his energy, however he and his staff always answered my calls and continued to treat me with the same respect he provided his clients who could afford his services. I am still in awe of this man and his team. A few months later, my matter was DISMISSED!!!! Every time I think of this difficult time in my life and how Mr. Sapone and his staff handled my case I am still in disbelief!!! He still makes himself available if I should have any questions or concerns and I am forever grateful for his compassion, diligence and RESULTS!”


“Bill and his staff treated me with kindness and respect and the utmost professionalism which is very important when you are facing the uneasiness of criminal prosecution. Besides having a very impressive track record in the courtroom, it was apparent to me and my family that Bill is highly respected and well-liked by judges, lawyers and prosecuting attorneys. He was able to negotiate a great outcome in my case. If I opted to go to trial, there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that Bill was the man I wanted by my side. For a man who makes no promises, he sure delivers.”


“At 5:00 am federal agents surrounded my home with my children sleeping in their beds. My fiancé was taken and charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and 2 counts of conspiracy to commit extortion. Although I wasn’t completely blindsided as to his involvement in criminal activity, I had absolutely no clue how serious the consequences would be. I have never even received a speeding ticket, forget about knowing what to do about felony drug charges. As the agents drove away with my fiancé in cuffs, I stood there paralyzed with nothing but a piece of paper my fiancé scribbled with “Edward Sapone-attorney” written on it. My life as I knew it had completely crumbled within an hour that morning and the only hope I had was this scribbled piece of paper with Mr. Sapone’s name.

Three days later I sat in Ed’s office trembling and dizzy because I hadn’t eaten a thing since my fiancé was arrested. Ed sat with me for 6 hours. After consoling me, he explained the charges and the time my fiancé was facing: 5-40 years with recommended federal guidelines of 10 years! I thought I was going to die of a heart attack right there. And the icing on the cake was to learn that the government’s position on violent drug crimes is that under no combination of circumstances should a person with these charges be released on bail. But then Ed spoke….he said he assures me “whatever result we get from this case will be the best possible outcome that could be obtained.” I am definitely not naive and I believe I am pretty good at reading when someone is trying to sell me something. But looking at Ed’s eyes, I knew this wasn’t the case. This was the first glimpse of hope I had in days.

As we prepared for the bail hearing 8 days later, Ed reminded me of how we are fighting an uphill battle. Ed and his staff worked literally around the clock to prepare all of the financial documents that were necessary for the slim chance that the judge would grant bail. At midnight the night before the bail hearing I was on the phone with Ed’s staff making sure all the “i’s” were dotted and “t’s” crossed.

The morning of the bail hearing was a complete blur but I do remember staring at Ed feeling like my life was in his hands. As Ed spoke there wasn’t a dry eye in the courtroom. His words were sincere and true about my fiancé’s family ties and character. He presented the bail package to the judge and I held my breath for what felt like 3 hours….we got bail!!!!

So far so good. Ed kept his word! My fiancé was arrested along with 3 other co-conspirators, none of whom got bail. I had 7 months with my fiancé at home as we prepared for the rest of his case. This time was much needed for all of us, especially considering how he was just so abruptly removed from our lives and facing so much time in prison.

Next it was time to work on the case. Months and months of stress wondering how I, as a 38 year old woman with 2 young children was going to live without the love of my life and father-figure for my boys for 10 years or more. I still remember when my fiancé got Ed’s call…he has “good news!” He had reached a plea agreement with the prosecution lowering the sentence range to 0-20 years with federal guidelines recommending about 5!! That changed everything. So again, Ed kept his word.

Now it was time for sentencing. At this point I had gained significant faith in Ed and his team but was still apprehensive considering our fate was in the hands of just one judge’s decision. Yet another day shaking and holding my breath in the courtroom. The courtroom was filled with family and friends…all of their hopes placed on Ed’s shoulders. Ed’s team walked in with binders of work in support of my fiancé. Ed spoke, once again, touching everyone’s hearts with nothing but the truth. And once again, as the judge read his decision, I knew for sure I chose right with Edward Sapone! 30 month sentence!!! Mr. Sapone gave my life back to me!”


“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked with William Petrillo when I was facing multiple felony charges. From our first meeting I felt Bill’s passion for under taking whatever was necessary to insure that I receive proper representation. He is endowed with an extraordinary talent for understanding the client’s fears and concerns while offering honest and straight forward information and advice. Mr. Petrillo is one of the hardest working people I ever met. He kept me fully informed as to the process and progress of my case. Finally, as opposed to many other attorneys who are not court experienced; Mr. Petrillo shined in court. His presentation of the details of my case held the courtroom captive. Not only did everyone come to understand the complications of the situation, but, more importantly, the resolution of the case reflected the hard work, diligence and devotion to his client. It is my great pleasure to recommend Mr. William S. Petrillo.”


“If you want a lawyer who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and all of the above, then Mr. Edward Sapone is the lawyer that will get the job done and win!!!!! Thank you Mr. Edward Sapone.”