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Fighting For Fair Federal Sentencing

Last updated on January 17, 2024

When you have been convicted of a federal crime, navigating the sentencing process can be daunting. Sentencing is governed by a wide variety of statutes, rules, constitutional law and the history of similar individual cases. Because federal sentencing guidelines are particularly complex and there is no possibility for parole in federal cases, it is especially important to work with an attorney who has navigated these laws before.

At Sapone & Petrillo, LLP, we have built our reputation on providing tenacious and skilled defenses to those charged with federal crimes. From our offices in New York City and Long Island, we have helped protect our clients’ rights through careful examination of their case and fighting for a favorable outcome to the sentencing process.

How Will Your Sentence Be Determined

Sentencing in all federal crimes is a complex matter, and sentencing hearings are held so that relevant information is considered in the sentence. This is meant to ensure both that the law is upheld and that the penalties are fair. Factors that are considered in federal sentencing include:

  • The specifics of the offense that you were convicted of
  • Your personal history and characteristics
  • The sentences available
  • The sentences received by other defendants who have committed similar crimes and have a similar criminal record
  • Any restitution that must be provided to victims of the crime
  • The need to have the sentence reflect the seriousness of the crime, to determine a just punishment for the defendant that also respects the law, to protect the public from future offenses and to provide the defendant with the correctional treatment that they need

With so many factors at play, it is especially important to retain an attorney with experience in the federal sentencing process. Through careful examination of the facts and the federal guidelines at play, we will work to create the best possible outcome for you. This includes arguing for low or reduced sentences, ensuring that relevant factors are considered and potentially appealing your sentence if possible.

Work With Our Experienced Attorneys Today

If you have been convicted of a federal offense, you deserve to have a skilled attorney by your side during the sentencing process. Contact us online or call 646-844-3445 to speak with one of our attorneys today.