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Dealing With Extradition After An International Accusation

International crimes can carry a stiff sentence. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to remember that you have the right to a defense. Sapone & Petrillo, LLP, has worked with clients throughout New York. We provide clients with the representation they need. From answering their questions to keeping them up to date on the latest changes, we act as an advocate for those fighting the legal system.

How Does The Process Work?

When a crime occurs and it is suspected that the defendant is in a foreign country, they could be extradited. Oftentimes, this person is located and taken into custody. This is due to the treaties that the United States has with other countries. The United States then sends papers to the country they are found in and explains why they need to be brought over. A defendant may challenge their extradition. Our attorneys can explain this process and what it looks like.

People can be extradited for all types of crimes. Common examples include narcotics offenses, terrorism, providing support/materials for a terror group, murder in aid racketeering and money laundering. Our firm has handled the most complex cases and defended people who were not sure whether or not they had a chance. These are high-level cases that involve a skilled lawyer. Having someone by your side is the best way to protect your future moving forward. There is way too much at risk to handle this on your own.

The Right Attorney Can Help

Our firm understands how overwhelming the legal system can be. Many people walk through our doors when they are confused about the extradition charges they are facing and are not able to defend themselves. A criminal defense attorney is your best option. We take a hands-on approach. You can expect professional service at every turn, no matter where your case goes. Having someone you trust during this difficult time is imperative.

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