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Skilled Defense When You Have Been Charged With Extortion

Last updated on January 17, 2024

Charges of extortion are complex, and it is possible to be charged even if no property ever exchanged hands. Building a successful defense requires deep knowledge of the law and the ability to carefully examine the particulars of the case, and when you are charged with these crimes you deserve a skilled lawyer to defend you.

If you are facing charges of extortion, Sapone & Petrillo, LLP, has the experience that you need to protect yourself. From our offices in New York City and Long Island, we have built a reputation for creating favorable outcomes for clients in both state and federal courts. Our skilled attorneys will help protect your rights and your future throughout the legal process, and we will work to achieve the best possible results even in the most complex cases.

What Defines Charges Of Extortion?

Extortion, like theft or embezzlement, involves the unlawful act of taking money or property from another person. What makes extortion unique is that this white collar theft crime involves the threat of force or violence.

Threats involved in extortion charges can include:

  • Exposing a secret like an extramarital affair that would result in public humiliation
  • Physical injury or property damage
  • Accusing someone of a crime
  • Striking or boycotting in order to damage someone financially
  • Abusing a public position or position of authority

These charges can vary in severity, and the severity largely depends on the threats made. For example, threats of violence tend to be more serious felony charges, and they will receive more severe sentences as a result. You can also be charged with extortion even if you did not actually receive the money or other property that the authorities say you demanded. Depending on the facts and circumstances, extortion can also be charged as a federal crime, and federal crimes come with serious sentencing guidelines that can include mandatory minimums for jail time and fines.

Because these crimes are taken so seriously by the law, it is important that you have an experienced attorney to defend you. Not only do we have the skill necessary to examine the particulars of your case to build a compelling defense, but we also have the trial experience necessary to tenaciously defend you and your rights in court.

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