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Defense Of Puerto Rico-Based Narcotics Charges

As a result of its strategic Caribbean location and proximity to major narcotics-exporting countries in South America, Puerto Rico has been a key trafficking hub for illegal drugs for decades. U.S. law enforcement agencies have prosecuted many criminal cases based on evidence of shipping of cocaine and heroin through Puerto Rico to the mainland of the U.S. In addition, gang leaders are often implicated in narcotics crimes associated with narcotics trade and consumption at the local level in the commonwealth.

Anyone with any connection to narcotics activities – whether deliberate or unintentional – in or around Puerto Rico is at risk of arrest. Some organized criminal organizations have operated in Puerto Rico for years before leaders were arrested. Sapone & Petrillo in New York City offers aggressive defense of individuals and businesses implicated in Puerto Rico-based drug crime cases.

Aggressive Representation During All Phases Of A Case

Effective defense in high-stakes narcotics cases encompasses all of their phases, from the rumor stage to investigation, arrest, arraignment, trial and appeals.

The drug crime defense attorneys of Sapone & Petrillo have achieved many favorable outcomes for clients charged with narcotics crimes in Puerto Rico. What follows is a summary of one such victory early in a criminal case, during the bail hearing:

United States v. Colon

In a case brought through the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, a defendant was indicted for violation of narcotics conspiracy per 21 U.S.C § 841 (a)(1). The government sought pretrial detention. Despite the prosecution’s presentation of evidence that thousands of kilograms of cocaine had been personally unloaded by the defendant from a boat traveling from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, a defense attorney from our firm overcame the presumption of pretrial detention at the bail hearing and the defendant was released on bail.

This example underscores how our lawyers seize every opportunity to protect our clients’ rights and interests throughout their cases. No matter how challenging a federal narcotics case appears to be, a strategic defense is possible – and essential.

Early Legal Counsel Is Highly Advisable

The sooner one of our well-known and respected defense attorneys is on your case, the more opportunities there may be for the most favorable outcomes. If you are under investigation for conspiracy to commit a narcotics crime in Puerto Rico, New York or elsewhere, contact our New York law offices by sending an email inquiry or by calling 646-844-3445.