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Experienced, Proven, Effective Representation In Grand Jury Cases

A grand jury investigation is a pivotal event in a criminal case. Highly experienced legal counsel is critical for your protection if:

  • A court has called you as a witness in a grand jury investigation
  • Evidence against you in a felony case is under investigation by a grand jury
  • Your felony case is heading for trial after a grand jury indictment

The sooner you have the best attorney you can find on your side, the more opportunities there will be for the protection of your rights and interests at every step in the process. At Sapone & Petrillo, attorneys Edward V. Sapone and William S. Petrillo have strong records in hundreds of felony cases, including many that resulted in favorable outcomes, including:

  • Grand juries’ determining that there would be no indictments
  • Cases being dropped in preliminary hearings

Some Grand Jury Basics

Grand juries hear state and federal felony cases. At the state level in New York, district attorneys refer evidence to grand juries for felony cases unless a defendant waives that right. Both the U.S. Constitution and the New York State Constitution establish a defendant’s right to grand jury investigations “for capital or otherwise infamous crime[s].”

The grand jury consists of 16 to 23 members of the community whom a court appoints. These juries often investigate the evidence in criminal cases involving serious charges of homicide, sexual abuse, theft or drug crimes and decide whether that evidence justifies an indictment in a felony case or a determination of noncriminal neglect in public office.

Why Use Our Law Firm And How To Get Started

Our attorneys’ extensive experience and strong reputation explain why many defendants choose our firm and many lawyers refer their clients to our team. We conduct detailed reviews of evidence and scrutinize witnesses who may testify before the jurors. Our advocacy may also include strategic requests to the prosecutor to give instructions to the jurors.

To learn about the collaboration that is available to you with our lawyers on your New York state or federal grand jury case, call 646-844-3445 or send an email inquiry.