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Defense Of Federal Crimes Based In Puerto Rico

From law offices in New York City, the defense attorneys at Sapone & Petrillo skillfully represent people charged with white collar crimes throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico. Some have lost assets through forfeiture by federal law enforcement agencies in connection with federal criminal investigations.

As residents of a U.S. territory, citizens of Puerto Rico are entitled to the same protections of the U.S. Constitution that any Americans enjoy. People from other countries doing business in Puerto Rico are also considered innocent until proven guilty. The same is true of businesses located there. Our lawyers have a great deal of experience serving Puerto Ricans and foreigners in Puerto Rico who have been charged with federal financial crimes, such as bank fraud. We have accumulated a long list of favorable outcomes for a broad spectrum of defendants in such cases.

Ready To Defend Any Individual Or Organization

Our clients have often been investigated for or charged with a full range of federal financial crimes in Puerto Rico, including:

  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Tax crimes

Examples of past and potential clients include:

  • A financial institution that failed to file required suspicious activity reports (SARS)
  • A bank charged with violations of federal money laundering laws and/or the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Investment firms accused of bond trading based on nonpublic information (insider trading)
  • Officials of branches of foreign governments charged with money laundering through financial institutions in Puerto Rico
  • CEOs, notorious leaders of organized criminal organizations and other prominent individuals and organizations accused of federal crimes in connection with business conducted through Puerto Rican banks and other institutions

Sapone & Petrillo is well-known in Puerto Rico, throughout the U.S. and worldwide for noteworthy defense outcomes in complex, high-stakes criminal matters.

To Request A Case Analysis

Learn more about our past successes and options for developing a strategic defense in your Puerto Rico-based financial criminal case. Call us in New York at 646-844-3445 or complete an inquiry form.