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Tax Offenses: What Do I Need To Know?

Facing tax charges is something that you should not handle on your own. The experienced team at Sapone & Petrillo, LLP, has years of experience handling these complex matters. We take a hands-on approach and examine all areas of a claim. We then can discuss our findings, talk with necessary experts and decide how you can best move forward. Our team of professional attorneys is here to fight for you every step of the way.

Common Forms Of Tax Charges And How We Help

There are two common tax charges. The first is income tax fraud. This is when your tax return contains information that is materially false. Even though you paid the taxes you were supposed to pay, the information you submit to the IRS has to be accurate. The second is tax evasion. This happens when you owe a certain amount of tax money but did not pay it. The court will say you are evading your tax responsibility. The IRS has computer systems in place meant to catch these errors. They will see that deductions are not the same or notice fraud on a tax return.

If the IRS decides to complete an official audit, it often leads to an investigation and charges. They have forensic accountants and tax specialists look at everything from your bank accounts to your income. To combat that, we hire experts on our side. Specifically, we work with people who used to work for the IRS. This means that they know how the system works, how errors are flagged and how to act accordingly. In certain cases, we are able to work it out so that you just pay what you owe. In situations where that is not the case, we are prepared to defend you.

Seeking Help Sooner Rather Than Later Is Key

It is easy to make mistakes on tax returns. Sloppy accounting is often not done so maliciously. Miscommunication between taxpayer and tax preparer are more common than one might think. All of these are reasonable defenses we have used for our clients. As soon as you get a call from the Criminal Investigations division of the IRS, call an experienced attorney to make sure this is handled quickly and correctly.

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