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Federal Weapon Charges Must Be Taken Seriously

While Sapone & Petrillo, LLP, handles all types of federal weapons charges in New York, we see cases related to 18 U.S.C 924 C more often than not. This is when you possess, display or discharge a firearm in connection with violence or narcotics. Having an experienced attorney by your side is crucial. Our firm knows how to handle these cases. Our personalized strategy is unique to you and the specifics of your situation.

What Does A Conviction For Gun Possession Mean?

When you are convicted of a federal crime, there are strict sentencing guidelines, often with mandatory minimum sentences. If you are convicted of a federal weapons charge, a sentence can be anywhere between five years to a life sentence that will run consecutively (in addition) to any other sentence you are facing. For example, if you are convicted of federal drug possession with the intent to distribute, you are looking at 10 years to life for the drug charge. If you are convicted of gun possession, the sentence for the gun charge will only start after you have served your first sentence. This, especially, is why having an experienced lawyer handle your case is important. You are not just risking your reputation, but you could also be risking your future and your freedom.

Strategies For Defending Federal Weapons Charges

The Supreme Court has recently streamlined this process and more and more convictions are being overturned on appeal. That being said, it is not smart to assume your case will simply be overturned if we don’t get the result we initially wanted. These cases require serious investigation. There are many strategies we use for defense, but we especially note when a gun was not operable. Perhaps you had it on you, but it is not like you could use it. We also can mention construction possession, which has to do with your control in the situation.

Advocating For Clients Every Step Of The Way

Being charged with possessing a weapon on a federal level can take away years of your life. Our team is comprised of tough litigators and criminal defense attorneys who know how to apply the law. Put your trust in the hands of a firm that will do what it takes to represent you and your best interests. Our job is to explain your options and fight for the best possible solution.

Do You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Our criminal defense attorneys are licensed in both state and federal court. No matter what crimes you have been accused of committing, our legal team would like to help. Contact us by calling 212-349-9000 or sending an email using our online form to schedule an appointment.