What are 4 types of mortgage fraud?

Residents of New York who are buying or selling a home may want to learn more about the different types of mortgage fraud. Both lenders and borrowers may commit fraud, and there is fraud for profit and fraud for property. Below are four common ways that people might...

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What are bank fraud charges?

Attempts to commit banking or credit card fraud could leave someone facing serious charges. The many financial institutions in New York may deal with numerous forms of bank fraud. Some individuals might attempt to defraud a bank by trying to acquire a small personal...

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RICO Charges in New York

Charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act are serious and, if you are convicted, you might be spending a significant time in a New York federal prison. Understanding the RICO Act is key to knowing whether or not you may face these types of...

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What is accounting fraud?

Business owners in New York may be charged with accounting fraud when there is evidence of manipulated financial records. In order to bring a conviction for accounting fraud, the manipulation of records must be deliberate. How accounting fraud differs from fraud Many...

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