Large-scale pandemic fraud allegations lead to arrests

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Health Care Fraud

In New York and across the United States, there were myriad allegations of people taking advantage of government programs that were used, implemented and expended during the health crisis. Even as things have somewhat returned to normal, law enforcement is still making arrests and people are facing charges for health care fraud.

A recent crackdown from the Department of Justice resulted in 18 people from across the United States being arrested. Some were medical professionals. With the way law enforcement entities are avidly pursuing these cases and the negative impact it can have on personal and professional lives, being protected from the outset is critical.

False billing scheme said to accrue hundreds of millions of dollars

The DOJ made the arrests after an extensive investigation. It is widespread with medical professionals and others being charged with using the pandemic as an excuse to accumulate substantial sums through fraudulent means.

While the largest amount was billed by a doctor in California, people across the United States were charged. That includes a midwife in New York who gave out almost 2,700 forged cards to show that people were vaccinated when they were not. This was said to be one of the most commonly used sites for people to receive vaccinations. However, the vaccines the practice used were never given to patients. Instead, they were destroyed.

The DOJ has been pursuing those who committed fraud based on the pandemic. It built “strike force” teams to investigate and make arrests. Others who were part of the crackdown were a laboratory in California, a Florida entity that bought Medicare ID numbers to send tests to people who did not ask for them, and people in Utah who also sold false vaccination cards.

Health care fraud charges are serious and professional help can fight them

People in the medical industry who are paid through insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid and are facing accusations of wrongdoing will need to address the case aggressively. A key part of their work is being trusted and if they are labeled a “dirty doctor,” it can cause an endless series of problems on top of the criminal penalties.

From the beginning, it is essential to understand how to craft a defense. There could have been a simple mistake; the case could be based on flimsy evidence; or the person might have gotten caught up in another person’s illegal behavior. Having professional assistance to fight against accusations of health care fraud is vital to reach a good result.