Pushing a drug charge case all the way to trial

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Drug Charges

When our readers in New York think of a criminal trial, they probably envision scenes from pop culture, such as movies or TV shows. This is understandable since such depictions like to make high drama from courtroom scenes. If you are facing a criminal charge, such as a drug charge, you may be contemplating a move to push the case to trial, even to a jury trial.

To do so is every defendant’s constitutional right. However, if you take your case to trial, the experience likely will not play out like you have seen on TV – although there may be some coincidental similarities. For example, in a jury trial, the juror selection process is one of the most important parts of the trial, but you will not often see that process depicted in a TV show or movie. In the jury selection stage of a trial, the potential jurors are questioned by the prosecutor, defense attorney and even the judge, in some instances, to determine whether or not they can weigh the evidence in the case properly and be impartial. The selection process can take quite a bit of time at the beginning of a case.

Next, the usual process of a trial will begin, starting with opening statements. After the attorneys state the outline of the case – from their own points of view – the case will then move to the presentation of evidence and witness testimony. When that part concludes, both sides will have a chance to offer closing arguments, which is the last chance to convince the jury. Then, the jury will deliberate and, ultimately, deliver a verdict.

Your case, your strategy

Pushing a drug charge case all the way to trial may be the best move for some defendants. Others may be able to try to get their charges dismissed or might even engage in plea negotiations. It is your case, and you must pick the right strategy. For more information about how we attempt to help defendants in New York with this process, please visit the criminal trial overview section of our law firm’s website.