Changes to New York drug paraphernalia law

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | blog, Drug Charges

Residents of New York may want to learn more about changes to laws regarding drug paraphernalia. The governor signed some new bills that decriminalize the possession and sale of syringes and hypodermic needles.

According to news reports, the result may be more people having access to clean needle programs. Possession will no longer be a crime. Other bills are intended to have a positive effect on solving the ongoing opioid crisis.

Greater use of overdose medications

Drugs like Narcan have seen decriminalization. If you have Narcan, that cannot be evidence in the establishment of drug charges. A building cannot have a label as a drug-dealing site because it has Narcan on the premises.

Establishment of substance abuse programs

State prisons and jails will have establishment of drug treatment programs. Counseling as well as medication as treatment will help users of drugs. These treatment drugs include methadone, buprenorphine and others.

Directory of distributors of overdose medications

One signed bill intends to establish an online directory of distributors of overdose medications. This will make the help more accessible to residents of New York who are in distress.

Expansion of list of crimes for eligibility

Eligibility for drug treatment programs will see expansion with an increase in the list of crimes that qualify. This would mean diversion from prison to drug treatment.

Through personal experience with her family, the governor signed bills into law that help make treatment more accessible to people who need it. Drug treatment programs in prisons will see expansion in New York, so the result may be that more drug addictions are addressed with proper treatment instead of criminal penalties.