Drug possession and prison

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Drug possession often carries harsh consequences, even if one only has a relatively small amount of an unlawful substance when they are stopped by a law enforcement official. From cocaine and hallucinogens to methamphetamine and heroin, there are many different drugs that people face charges for possessing. While these allegations carry stiff fines and shatter the reputations of those facing allegations, some people are sentenced to prison as a result of drug possession.

There are different factors that impact how long someone is sentenced to prison for possessing drugs.

Factors that affect a prison sentence for drug possession

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, drug possession penalties in New York vary from one case to the next, depending on various factors. For example, the type of a particular drug, as well as the amount, have a major impact on the consequences one faces. Furthermore, those with previous charges on their record and those caught with drugs in school zones often face harsher penalties. It is crucial for those facing the possibility of prison time to examine all details surrounding their case carefully.

Drug charges and your freedom

Sometimes, people do not face any time behind bars when they are charged with drug possession, while others face as many as 20 years behind bars. In New York, those facing Class A misdemeanor charges related to drug possession face up to one year of imprisonment. However, felony charges often bring harsher prison sentences. For example, a Class A-II felony brings the threat of between three and 10 years behind bars, while Class A-I felony charges can lead to between eight and 20 years of imprisonment.