Prescription drugs and addiction

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When some people hear about or think about someone being arrested for and charged with a drug-related crime, their minds might automatically assume the situation involves illegal drugs like methamphetamine or fentanyl. While many drug crime cases do involve illegal substances, many may involve drugs that are legally obtained and use with a prescription from a doctor or other medical professional.

Many prescription drugs linked to serious addiction

As explained by WebMD, there are three categories of drugs available via prescription that have been identified as being highly addictive. These substances may be useful in some medical sense but open the door to a person becoming hooked on them and, in turn, abusing them and using them in ways not originally intended.

One of the most addictive types of drugs is an opioid. Known for its effectiveness in managing pain, an opioid may produce a sense of euphoria as a person experiences a release and relief from pain. A person’s brain chemistry may literally be changed when using this drug. Depressants and stimulants either calm or arouse the central nervous system, respectively. These drugs may be prescribed for people with conditions like anxiety if they need to be calmed or sleep disturbances. Both types of drugs can be very addictive.

Health problems and prescription drugs

The Mayo Clinic notes that a myriad of physical health problems may stem from the use of or addiction to prescription drugs. These include seizures, significantly lowered blood pressure and breathing, memory problems and even death.

Prescription drug addiction may also be a gateway to the use of illegal drugs as people are forced to find new ways to feed their addiction.