Tax evasion charges result in guilty plea

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2019 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes

People who live in the state of New York and find themselves accused of criminal activity know that must make some important decisions. These decisions involve whether to hire a private attorney or to allow themselves to be represented by an attorney who works as a public defender. Another important decision that any defendant facing criminal charges must make at some point is how they may respond to criminal allegations.

A criminal defendant must enter a plea in response to the charges levied against them. Some people declare their innocence and focus their defense efforts on proving that they are, in fact, not guilty of the charges. Other defendants might opt to enter into a plea agreement with the prosecution team. This might be hard for some people to accept but may provide them with the ability to experience less harsh charges than if they took the chance of being found guilty by a jury. The reduced level of uncertainty in an outcome can be an advantage in making a plea deal.

One man in New York entered a guilty plea in response to tax evasion allegations against him. As reported by Big News Network, the man owned and operated a business in which he imported food products and then sold them to companies in the New York City area. His customers resold the products. The defendant is accused of essentially hiding receipts and not claiming all of the income he received on his business tax returns. He is also accused of not claiming all of the money he individually earned on his personal tax returns.

The man recently pled guilty, but he will not be sentenced until next spring.