Embezzlement charges await former Microsoft executive

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Embezzlement, Firm News

When one is accused of embezzlement in New York, many might automatically assign guilt to them based on the assumption that charges would not be made without sufficient evidence to support them. Yet the fact is that an alleged embezzlement offense (or any financial crime, for that matter) might have several layers to it that might skew the lines between simple judgment errors to gross misconduct. It is for this reason that those accused of such crimes should not be viewed as culpable until all the facts pertaining to case have been revealed. 

Even in the face of seeming overwhelming evidence, judgment should be withheld until the appropriate moment. That the case of a now-former Microsoft executive. The man helped to broker the deal that allowed the software giant to partner with the National Football League in allowing the latter to use the former’s products in its gameday operations. As a result of the partnership, Microsoft bought several tickets to the Super Bowl, which representatives from the NFL provided to the man assuming that he would distribute them to the appropriate parties. Instead, the man sold the tickets and pocketed the proceeds. It has also been alleged that he fraudulently billed for over $1.5 million in marketing services that were never provided and received payment for said services from third-party vendors and promotional providers. Microsoft investigated his actions and later fired him. He now faces federal fraud and embezzlement charges. 

In cases such as this, it may be easy to dismiss the motives of those involved as being criminal. Yet every person accused should be given the chance to try and explain their actions in order to address the issue of intent. Those hoping to present their cases may want to seek the assistance of experienced attorney before doing so.