What do I do if I’m stopped by the police with drugs?

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Interacting with the police is stressful. Interacting with the New York police can be especially stressful, and if you have drugs on your person, it drives that stress up into the stratosphere. However, remember, recreational and medicinal marijuana use have been legal for some time now. So, unless you have a large quantity on you or some other illegal substances on you, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Stay in control of your body

Staying in control of your body can, hopefully, help the New York City metro area police interactions not escalate. Stay calm. Breath. Control your body, emotions and words. You want to be friendly, de-escalatory, non-argumentative and non-combative.

Control the narrative

However, remember, you do not have to interact or answer questions beyond identifying yourself and providing your driver’s license. Keep your hands where the police can see them, and even if you think you are about to be arrested, do not run, touch the police or resist in any way. Explicitly ask for a lawyer. If they say you are not under arrest, ask to leave. If they say you cannot leave. Ask for a lawyer.

If you are arrested

Ask for your lawyer again. Do not answer any questions, even if they keep asking. Even if they buy you something to eat, bring you something to drink, they are not your friends. They are just trying to get you to talk. Remember, every interaction with a New York City metro area police officer is their attempt to get information from you.