Helping clients assert a defense against wire fraud charges

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

Financial crimes are not just plots in movies or television series. When residents in New York City and elsewhere are accused of financial crimes, they should take it seriously. Much like Hollywood depicts them, these crimes can have significant criminal consequences. Only a strong defense strategy can help reduce the penalties or dismiss them altogether.

Understanding wire fraud

In today’s society, electronic communication is part of daily life. Just as we use the Internet and other electronic systems to share messages for work and leisure, some people use these systems in attempts to defraud others.

Wire fraud charges relate to any fraudulent activity involving electronic communication, meaning that these communications do not need to be central to the alleged crime. As such, one could face wire fraud charges when facing other criminal charges such as identity theft, credit card fraud, marketing scams completed by phone, fax or internet, pyramid schemes and more.

Criminal consequences

At Sapone & Petrillo, LLP, our experienced attorneys understand the severity of these criminal allegations. We are prepared to fully inform those accused of wire fraud of the potential penalties associated with the crime and possible defense options.

Those accused of wire fraud are frequently charged with a felony. The penalties associated with a conviction often include significant fines, payment of restitution to victims and lengthy prison sentences. Thus, it is imperative to work quickly when creating a defense against wire fraud allegations. This could help you assert a strong defense that could ultimately reduce or dismiss the charges against you.