Can a New York drug conviction impact student aid?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | Drug Charges

If you are a student in the New York City area, you don’t want to be convicted of drug selling or possession. A conviction could cause you to lose your student aid for a specified amount of time. If you have already been convicted, you can have a hard time securing financial aid or being admitted to a college.

Student aid penalties for drug possession

The penalties for drug possession, in this case, can be quite severe. They consist of the following.

  • One conviction: Student aid is suspended for a year
  • Two convictions: A two-year suspension of student aid
  • Three or more convictions: No more access to student aid

Student aid penalties for drug sales

  • One conviction: two-year suspension of student aid
  • Two or more: No more access to student aid

Can the penalties be shortened?

As you can see, if you get past a certain number of convictions, you will lose access to any kind of student aid. However, if you have not yet reached that point, there are still ways that you can shorten the suspension time.

The best way to shorten the penalty time will be to complete an OASAS certified drug rehab program. You will also have to pass two completely unannounced drug tests.

How can you appeal a conviction?

Being convicted of drug possession or selling it is a serious matter. It can lead to the loss of your ability to receive grants to help you complete your higher education.

There are ways to appeal a drug conviction so that you can continue your progress toward earning a degree. Your best bet is to talk to a New York legal representative for more advice on how to handle your drug charges.