Viable defense strategies against white-collar crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

With the rapid growth of the internet and what you can do with it, the rate and variety of white-collar crimes have increased with it. The defense against these charges also needs to adapt to the evolution of the charges. If you are facing white-collar crime charges, here are some defenses that may apply to your unique situation:

Proving you had no intention of committing a crime

The prosecution often needs to prove that you knowingly acted with intent to commit crimes like fraud or embezzlement. The objective that your defense attorneys may be to prove that you had no intention of committing the crime, or that you had knowledge that your actions were illegal.

It was not your idea to commit the crime in question

If you can prove that you were not acting on your orders, you may be able to protect your freedom and future. If you were the target of intimidating or threatening behavior to force you to commit the actions you are accused of, you may be the victim of entrapment or coercion. This can be a reliable defense against your white-collar charges.

Attack the prosecution

If you and your attorney go on the offense and target weaknesses in the prosecution, it may be enough to beat your charges. White-collar crimes are commonly complicated, making it easy to pick apart claims by the prosecution. This method is also beneficial in swaying the opinion of the jury, as it can convince them that the prosecution does not have enough to convict you.

Negotiate for your freedom

If your lawyer is adept in alternative dispute resolution, you may be able to avoid litigation entirely. In situations where you can provide incriminating information on other, larger, prosecution targets, you may be able to avoid a conviction on your record. Plea bargains have a proven record of allowing defendants to keep their freedom.

The first step starts with action

The sooner you seek an experienced lawyer for your defense, the sooner you can rely on their guidance to protect you. If you are facing criminal charges for white-collar crimes, or even think you will be soon, speak with an attorney immediately.