Signs of health product fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Health Care Fraud

A health scam presents itself as a magical cure-all for many ailments, but they haven’t been scientifically proven nor approved by the FDA. The cost of health care makes these products attractive to consumers looking for relief, but it can delay proper treatment in New York City and cost consumers hundreds of dollars. Consumers should know how to identify health fraud.

Exaggerated Claims

A fraudulent product often makes exaggerated claims to cure a broad range of medical problems quickly. This includes diseases with little promise of healing such as diabetes and cancer.

It attracts consumers with these conditions because they will try any product to feel better. Some diseases currently have no cure and can only be treated with therapy. One product cannot heal every condition, and unproven concoctions may adversely interfere with other medications.

Loaded Language

Scammers use loaded language, such as “natural”, “breakthrough”, or “ancient”, as a persuasive technique to draw attention. They know many people would trust natural or ancient remedies and be curious about “breakthroughs”.

Though 60% of over-the-counter medication is based on natural ingredients, not everything natural or ancient means safe. Many ancient remedies have been proven unsafe, and some plants such as mushrooms can be harmful if ingested raw. Breakthrough treatments would be making the news and not advertised in the wee hours of the morning on TV or hidden on an unknown marketer’s website.


Fraudulent products often come attached with testimonials of being a person’s only cure that worked. Testimonies, especially on the Internet, can be hard to validate. If a consumer comes across a “miraculous” testimonial, the chances of it being fake or a personal case history are high. Many of the testimonial names usually include more numbers than letters and speak highly of the product.

Health fraud breaks criminal law, and fraud charges can be costly. If a seller feels they have been wrongfully accused of fraud, they may be able to fight the charges with an attorney’s help.