Pharmacist pleads guilty to health care fraud

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | blog, Fraud, Health Care Fraud

A pharmacist in New York is one of the individuals included in a group of people recently arrested in a crackdown on fraud in the health care system. The pharmacist appeared in a Brooklyn federal court to answer to the charges formally announced to her. The criminal charges included making false tax returns and health care fraud conspiracy. The pharmacist pleaded guilty to the criminal charges.

Federal allegations

The woman did not work at the pharmacy reported on her taxes. However, she did receive kickbacks from the pharmacy’s owner for her role in the scheme that the pair concocted. The pharmacist compounded her legal woes by not accurately reporting this money in tax season.

New Moon Pharmacy received $3 million in reimbursements from the Medicaid and Medicare system for a period that began in 2016 and ended in 2019. The pharmacy dispensed oxycodone and other prescription drugs without a licensed pharmacist on staff. The pharmacist arrested made occasional visits to the facility.

The owner of the pharmacy was also a target of the crackdown. The charges against the owner include unlawful financial transactions, narcotics distribution and health care fraud. The owner pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

Investigation results

The criminal investigation division of the IRS was responsible for the operation. The special agent in charge of the investigation says that the owner and pharmacist partnered in an ongoing conspiracy to steal from American taxpayers, going through Medicare and Medicaid to execute this theft.

The group of people arrested as part of the investigation includes two physical therapists, four pharmacy owners, a social worker and the pharmacist. The various schemes resulted in $15 million in losses for the Medicare and Medicaid systems.

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