47 people have been indicted over a drug trafficking ring

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2020 | Drug Charges

Nearly 50 people in New York have been indicted for taking part in a drug trafficking ring that distributed illegal drugs throughout the city. The indictments came after a year-long investigation conducted by multiple law enforcement agencies. To gather information on the drug trafficking ring, the authorities wiretapped the suspects’ phones for months. As a result, they gathered hundreds of hours of data that they used to formally charge the 47 suspects.

According to the indictment documents, the drug trafficking ring received drugs from suppliers in New York City and distributed them through various counties in the state. The suspects allegedly sold illegal drugs that were laced with fentanyl like crack cocaine and prescription drugs as well as fentanyl that they claimed was heroin. When the police raided their location, they reportedly found 14 pounds of cocaine, a quarter of a pound of fentanyl, two ounces of heroin, a large stash of prescription drugs and tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

The suspects have been handed various drug charges, including conspiracy, drug trafficking and possession of illegal drugs. The state’s attorney general says that the drug trafficking ring has now been shut down.

What should you do if you’re accused of drug crimes?

You don’t have to be running a drug trafficking ring to be accused of drug crimes. Many people have been arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana. If you’re facing drug charges, hiring an attorney might be your best option.

An attorney may be able to represent clients with a variety of charges, including drug trafficking, possession and manufacture. Your attorney might be able to argue for rehabilitation instead of drug time. Additionally, your attorney may defend you from the prosecution if police acted unlawfully at any time during your arrest.