Organized crime can lead to a host of criminal charges

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Organized crime has a long history in this country. It has always been a portal for illegal drugs and financial crimes. The history of these organizations is checkered across the country. One thing that is fairly common is that the activities cross state lines. This means that the criminal charges are often federal.

People who are accused of being involved in organized crime could be facing a host of charges. Each has to be addressed individually since no two cases are exactly alike.

Location of the syndicates

Organized crime syndicates are often located in big cities. New York City, New Orleans, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco are some of the cities that people think of when these matters come to mind. They often branch out into smaller cities and can include transnational locations.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshals investigate and handle these criminal matters.They can work with international and local law enforcement agencies on cases that span multiple jurisdictions. Having one large agency spearhead the matter can often speed up the process.

Potential crimes

Drug trafficking is one of the more common crimes that these syndicates commit. Smaller sects can take care of the distribution and sales of the substances. Financial crimes, such as money laundering and embezzlement, are also common, as well as violent crimes like murder and battery.

Racketeering is another issue that comes with these activities. This crime involves demanding pay for a service that was never requested. One of the most common that occurs in relation to organized crime is protection. A member of the mafia might require citizens or entities to pay them for protection from the organization or other organizations.

Looking at organized crime throughout history, you will often see that the syndicates have a legal cover for their activities. Nightclubs and other legal businesses were used to funnel the illegally gained earnings to make them appear legal.

Criminal charges related to organized crime must be taken seriously. There are often witnesses who are willing to testify upon receiving protection from the government. The paper trails can be lengthy. Going over all of this can take time, so defendants should be prepared to get started on their planning as early in the case as possible.