Employee faces multiple charges for alleged fraud

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | Firm News, Fraud

New York residents who find themselves unable to work due to an injury or illness related to their jobs may well be eligible to file for and receive workers’ compensation benefits. If they have additional personal insurance coverage that provides lost income benefits, that may be one other avenue via which they can receive income during times like these. 

One man who was employed as a treatment assistant at a state-run maximum security hospital had reportedly been out of work for some time due to a workers’ compensation issue. This employee also carried a personal supplemental insurance policy and is said to have filed a claim with that insurance company for lost wages. The personal insurance claim was made for a period of approximately four months yet reports indicate that he did actually work on four of the days during that window. It is not known how many days he may have been legitimately unable to work. 

As such, he is now facing multiple criminal charges including a second degree felony for possession of a forged instrument and a first degree felony of falsifying business records. He has also been charged with attempted petit larceny which is a misdemeanor in New York. No details of potential penalties are yet known.

Defendants who may have been accused of criminal actions related to insurance claims may find talking with an experienced attorney a helpful way of learning about their options for a defense.

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