Man accused of embezzlement over questionable travel expenses

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2017 | Embezzlement, Firm News

It may be easy to assume that those accused of embezzlement in New York are sophisticated white-collar criminals stealing millions of dollars giant corporate conglomerates. Yet in truth, anyone in any profession and in social class can be accused of such a crime. Embezzlement is defined as the misappropriation of funds entrusted to an individual (typically by his or her employer). In some cases, the intent to misuse company money for personal gain may be clear. In others, however, one accused of embezzlement might actually have believed (of was led to believe) that his or her use of such funds was legitimate.

This question may be likely to come up in the case of a former Mississippi law enforcement officer recently arrested for allegedly embezzling funds from the very crime stopping agency that he coordinated. Officials are claiming that the man owes over $15,670 in embezzled funds as well as interests and costs associated with the case. The two incidents cited when detailing his alleged offenses were both work-related trips. In one of them, he is of using agency funds for round-trip limousine service to convention in Las Vegas. In the other, authorities believe that he received reimbursement from the agency for travel expenses to another conference after he had already been advanced funds to pay for the trip from a local city government.

Employees who travel for work right expect that their expenses will be covered. While some may question certain expenses that one claims to be work-related, that does not necessarily mean that one is attempting to misuse money (much less warrant a charge of embezzlement). One accused of wrongdoing in such a scenario might be wise to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney.

Source: Mississippi News Now “Former MS Crime Stoppers coordinator arrested for embezzlement” Howard, Morgan, June 29, 2017