Yes, you can fight money laundering charges

On Behalf of | May 23, 2017 | blog, Firm News

Shrewdly operating your business at a profit often involves taking risks and making choices that appear unscrupulous, even if they are not.

If you recently received money laundering charges, you may worry that your ship is already sunk, so to speak. However, this is simply not true. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands how to evaluate the specifics of your case and ensure that you receive fair treatment during your investigation and trial.

While it is possible to fight and beat money laundering charges, you should not take them lightly. The government agencies that pursue money laundering cases generally do not levy charges until after putting in months or possibly years of preparation, building what they believe is a strong case to present to a judge.

Just because you receive charges does not mean your fate is written in stone, but you must act quickly and decisively to build the strongest defense you can.

Money laundering is rarely just about the money

When anti-money laundering laws arrived in the 1970s, their focus was on the type of organized crime that inspired some our greatest cinematic works, like the Godfather. However, over the next 30 years, emphasis within law enforcement moved from organized crime like the Mafia to the contentious War on Drugs, then on to links between terrorism and money laundering operations.

The hard reality is that money laundering cases provide excellent public relations opportunities for the government agencies and officials involved. Often, this means that agencies look as much to the narrative they can create around the charges and potential conviction as they do to the cold hard facts.

However, just as this creates a potential windfall of public goodwill, it also offers those accused of money laundering a unique opportunity. An experienced attorney defending the future of a money laundering defendant understands the power of narrative as well, and builds a defense to match.

Build a strong defense with a strong team

Even when you see evidence stacked against you, never underestimate the power of a strong story. Your attorney should understand that your life and business are complex things, and seek to tell your story in a way that the judge understands.

With passionate professional defense by an attorney with years defending complicated criminal charges, you can rest assured that your rights remain secure while you fight for your future and your freedom.