Three common types of financial fraud

Readers of this blog know we commonly post about various financial fraud topics. In one such post on financial fraud, we discussed some common financial frauds. However, that list was not exhaustive. As such, in this post, we will explore two additional common...

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What is elder fraud?

Elder fraud is a type of abuse that targets senior citizens. A perpetrator sees an older person as being vulnerable enough that they could deceive them out of their money. Usually, seniors who are targets of this type of crime are wealthy and retired. However, some...

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Troubles with unemployment fraud

Employees could lose their jobs for unavoidable reasons, leaving them with bills that do not go away when an employment situation changes. Those who qualify for unemployment benefits may apply for them, and they must follow the rules stipulated under New York law....

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What are bank fraud charges?

Attempts to commit banking or credit card fraud could leave someone facing serious charges. The many financial institutions in New York may deal with numerous forms of bank fraud. Some individuals might attempt to defraud a bank by trying to acquire a small personal...

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